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Refurbished Program FAQs

Q: What is PNW Cycled? 

A:  PNW Cycled is a new program that will allow riders the option to purchase previously used or blemished dropper posts that have been newly refurbished. It also allows riders to exchange their older PNW dropper posts for credit towards a new post.

Q: Why did PNW Components launch PNW Cycled?

A: The PNW Cycled program was developed as a service initiative to better serve PNW riders and to address the end of life process for dropper posts. The program helps to extend the life of dropper posts while also reducing potential waste. 

Q: Is PNW Cycled the same company as PNW Components? 

A: PNW Cycled is owned and operated by PNW Components, however it has a separate website to avoid any potential confusion. All PNW Cycled products are previously installed or used PNW Components products.  

Q: What products are a part of the PNW Cycled Program?

A: At this time, only PNW Components dropper posts will be available as a part of the Cycled program. 

Q: Are there any new PNW Cycled products? 

A: No, all PNW Cycled products are previously installed or used products. 

(Note: New PNW Components levers will be available on the Cycled site so riders can easily pair their Cycled dropper with a new lever if desired. All levers are brand new and will be sold at the same retail price as on

Q: Where are PNW Cycled products available?

A: Currently, we are only able to ship PNW Cycled products in North America (USA and Canada). 

Q: What is a blemished post? 

A: A blemished post is a fully functioning post that may have minor cosmetic imperfections, such as scratches and minor dings. These minor defects DO NOT interfere with the integrity of the product and how it works.

Q: Can a customer return a PNW Cycled dropper post? 

A: PNW Cycled dropper posts are not eligible for returns. They can be exchanged for different products. If PNW Cycled does not have the correct product for exchange the customer will receive a credit towards a purchase on Customer is responsible for the cost of shipping all returns

Q: What is the trade in value for a dropper post?

A: Riders will receive 20% off towards a new PNW Components dropper post. This 20% is only applicable to new dropper posts, not PNW Cycled products. 

Q: Can a rider send a post to PNW to be serviced and get their same post back? 

A: Yes. PNW is happy to help service, however PNW recommends a self service first for the quickest turn around. Servicing PNW’s fully sealed cartridge is a straightforward process that takes less than 10 minutes. Install and service manuals for all posts can be found here -

Q: Are PNW Cycled products under warranty? 

A: Customers receive a 1-year warranty with their purchase of a PNW Cycled Dropper Post. In purchasing a PNW Cycled Dropper the customer is aware that the dropper they receive may look different to the product image provided due to the blemishes and defects.